Our Next Exchange Artist

man standing in front of a wall with a shirt that says detroit techno saved my life
man standing in front of a wall with a shirt that says detroit techno saved my life

We are so happy to announce out new exchange artist, Augustus Williams.  He is headed to Berlin this summer to take part in our music exchange program, in cooperation with the MusicBoard in Berlin. He will spend 8 week immersed in the music and culture.  

Augustus Williams Bio:

Step into the enigmatic world of Augustus Williams, known to many as “Gusto” – the mastermind blending Detroit’s lush rhythms with the nostalgic funk of his youth. From an early age, Gusto was captivated by the soulful tunes of Motown, but it was hip-hop’s raw edge and infectious funk that truly ignited his passion.

Gusto harnessed his creative energy through drum machines and sequencers, forging a mesmerizing alchemy of sound that left audiences spellbound. For the past decade, his electrifying live performances have stolen the spotlight, causing many to forget his origins as a skilled DJ.

Behind the scenes, Gusto crafts each track with the dance floor and DJ in mind, forging an unmistakable signature sound that sets him apart as an avant-garde artist. The story of this tenacious talent is not just history in the making, but a glimpse into the future of electronic music.

In 2012, Gusto joined the Techno Snob Collective, a mere moment after its inception in Detroit. Unwavering in his dedication, he remains an ardent advocate for the city’s techno culture while constantly evolving and refining his own craft. Be prepared for an exhilarating sonic journey as Gusto continues to slay dance floors with his potent basslines and hypnotic hooks, all steeped in the legendary Detroit sound that defines him.