Nightlife and Covid 19

Dear Artists, Venues, Promoters, and Supporters
of the Creative Economy:

We recognize that these are hectic times. But even in the most hectic of times, our creative community has risen to the opportunity to support and protect eachother.

Now is the time to support your local artists, venues, and production companies in CREATIVE ways while practicing the crucial exercise of social distancing.

We are urging you all to cancel your events and social plans, stay out of public scenarios if possible, be responsible with heightened sanitation methods, and most importantly, act in the best interest of your neighbors.

While some individuals possess a strong immune system, studies have proven that even the strongest immune systems can act as carriers. It is NOT worth potentially harming the most vulnerable citizens of our community.

The art will still be hanging, the music will still be playing. And after this is better contained we will be able to look back and truly celebrate how resilient we were!

So please, explore creative ways to engage with your audiences and each other in the coming weeks. Let’s demonstrate how the creative community can responsibly and proactively stand together in the face of uncertainty!

Well wishes and best regards,
Detroit-Berlin Connection